Having a comfortable home/room that reflects your personal style is the perfect relief from a day at a shitty job or gruelling mid-terms. Home decor is something worth investing in and a prime example of how to create calm in an environment you otherwise wouldn’t give a rat’s arse about.

Jessica Alba’s house is amazing. Maybe that’s why she is still invited to everything.

If you were around when MTV Cribs was still on the television then you can appreciate how interesting it is to see what ceramic animals rich people invest in, and how many jacuzzis Mariah Carey needs in her life. The Geffrye Museum of the Home is NOT a 16th century episode of Cribs. It is a boring free exhibit of chairs throughout the ages. Research and invest in your flat, but don’t start with going to museums. Click the image above for PROPER RESEARCH.

The Geffrye Museum - avoid at all costs



Stella McCartney gets it.

"The bigger the better" not only applies to popcorn sizes (cheeky bastards)  but now also to winter-wear! Sure, there’s always somebody somewhere telling you to wear a Burberry trench and freeze your arse off, but this year the streetz are seeing broad shouldered and tapered knee Cocoon Coats. This oversized, masculine jackets are not only easy to find in secondhand stores, but are perfect for layering, circle scarves and sneaking snacks into the movie theatre. Embrace your Annie Hall and appreciate the functionality of these jock jackets. In the way that most boys got over high-waisted shorts, they will also get over the fact we no longer look like girls in these harsh winter conditions.

Not too tricky to dress up either! Swap your toque for a head scarf or take a cab.